Who are these two lovely and stylish entrepreneurs, anyway?

Nikki's Story...

Nikki is a lip gloss fiend and beauty product connoisseur who has no real interest in fashion. She basically walks into her closet and pulls out a top and bottom that match. 95 percent of those tops and bottoms – are black. She will not travel to any place where she cannot plug in her flat iron.  She is a Mom, a Grandmother, an Author,  a Speaker and a card carrying bad-ass. She conceived of the idea of Nikki’s Magic Wand while she was  driving and trying to get her favorite lip gloss out of the tube and the factory wand wouldn’t reach another ounce.  She was on the phone with Bre at the time so, that also means she applies make-up and uses a cell phone while driving……sometimes!

Bre's Story...

  Bre is a tomboy who loves to fix cars and ride motorcycles as much as she loves couture and $400 biker shorts. She sometimes – “accidentally” – ends up in hostels around the globe because she thought it said “hotel” on booking.com. She was probably just trying to save money – which is why she believes in the idea of her college bestie, Nikki. Bre likes anything that saves money.  Bre is a Mom – not a Grandmother – not an Author – a loud and boisterous speaker and she decides who gets to join the bad-ass club because she can be hard to deal with……sometimes!
Together Nikki and Bre founded Nikki’s Magic Wand: The make-up tool and lip gloss for Conscious Glamour Girls everywhere!

Twenty six years ago, I (Bre) moved from Charlotte, North Carolina to Pittsburgh, PA to go to college. One afternoon, two weeks after my arrival, I noticed a girl, whom I had met only once before, standing at the bus stop. She looked in through the bus window and must have seen my very concerned face because she tugged her boyfriend onto the bus with her and sat down next to me. I’m still not sure if she needed to get on that bus or if she was so concerned about me that she simply got on the bus with me. At any rate, she sat down next to me and said, “I’ll ride with you until we get back to campus to make sure you get off at the right place”. That day, my best friend, Nikki, walked into my life.  Still today, she is my confidante, my court jester and my angel.

Some years ago she and I were on the phone while driving (which we know is bad – but what do you do when your best friend lives 800 miles away?) and she said; “I am so tired of not being able to get all of this damned lip gloss out of the tube. I have to throw it away before I ever finish it. I should invent something to get this out”. I said; “You should and it’s called, Nikki’s Magic Wand”. That day, Nikki’s Magic Wand was born and we’ve been breathing life into it ever since.