Entrepreneur?  Not only did I fail to ever see myself as one, but I always question if I even spell it correctly.

18 years…that’s how long I’ve been a 9 to 5 chick..hour long lunch and paycheck every two weeks or so. It’s always been my past, present and future…or so I thought. Figured I’d retire at 65, with hopefully my body and brain intact, collecting my Social Security check and if I’m lucky, a pension or two. This was my plan and I was completely content with it…Until 12/19/2009.

Almost Christmas, driving down the street, chatting with my best friend, lamenting on how the lipgloss I’d purchased only TWO weeks prior was basically gone. No, seriously, I couldn’t get ANY more out. How could that be possible?

I grumbled, “I should invent something to get this out.” Each one of us has probably said something like this one time or another but this time the best friend (and future business partner) very simply said…”Why Don’t You?”

So, I did. And that’s where the story begins.

I gotta tell you, being a 9 to 5 chick does NOT prepare you for ALL there is to know about this process. I’m telling you, whatever you THOUGHT you knew about business (and I actually do have a Business degree) is miniscule compared to what there was to learn.

You are catching me in the thick of things. I want to share my journey up to this point, (10/22/2012 at 10:32pm) and I want to have you walk with me, step by step, as I take over the world.

No seriously, it’s going to happen. You’ll see.

Social Security checks and pensions?  Pshaw. The plans have changed a bit. Ya girl’s trying to be RICH. Forget that, Ya girl WILL be RICH. I’ve got stuff to do, kids to send to college, beaches to lounge upon and charities to support.

Let’s Get This Party Started.