11-1-2012–This evening I watched one of my new favorite shows, “How I Made My Millions.” Tonight they did a special feature and called the show, “How I Made My Billions.” The episode started with James Dyson, the creator of those high-end vacuum cleaners. I have always drooled a bit over those vacuums (it’s the little things:)). The concept that it will NEVER lose suction continues to fascinate me. Well, I won’t detail the show blow by blow for you, but I almost ran down here to the computer to share this with you. During this process, of getting my invention to market, I have been discouraged at different points. I have put it down for a few months while I tried to figure out if it was REALLY important. I have let other things pull my attention from it in the past but most recently, with delay after delay, I have felt a little down about how things were progressing. Well, let me tell you what they said on this show that made my heart smile. James Dyson made 5,127 prototypes before he got it right. Yes, you read that correctly FIVE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN prototypes! The interviewer said, “So that would be considered over 5000 failures.” And Mr. Dyson said, “Yes, but interesting failures. Failures that I learned from.” This was one of those “Ah Ha” moments. Even though I know, in my heart, that the stress I thought I was under was small compared to what others had endured, you have NO idea what hearing that large figure did for me. Instantly I took these nuggets of wisdom away: 1. When you believe in something, you do NOT give up 2. Just because it’s not happening quickly doesn’t mean it will never happen 3. Sometimes rejection is THE BEST thing to happen to you (Mr. Dyson went to Hoover and established vacuum companies and they all rejected him) 4. With the support of people that love you (he mentioned his wife multiple times) you can do almost anything.

This was JUST the show I needed to see tonight. It strengthened my resolve, it motivated me to chase down this dream like someone just snatched my purse 🙂 and it solidified my hunger to go after those “B”illions that Mr. Dyson has earned with intelligence and tenacity.

No flashbacks tonight. I’m letting this marinate.