2011- Ok, so when we last flashed back, one of our many angels (helpers along the way) had produced the very first ever Nikki’s Magic Wand model and handed it over to us, along with a list of manufacturers that would be able to help us. As I began to call down this list, I learned something I wasn’t previously aware of. I’ve always been an office girl. Even my summer jobs were office jobs so I never had the opportunity to talk with manufacturer folks at length. I was nervous that when I tried to explain what I needed that they wouldn’t “get it”, that they’d have difficulty relating to this thing I’d invented, purposed exclusively to deal with make-up. Two things happened that were amazing and wonderful. First off, they “got it” instantly. Before I was done explaining what the tool was meant to do, they all jumped in and said things like, “Oh yeah, I know what you mean. I’ve seen my wife, sister, mother struggle with getting to that left-over make-up. That’s a GOOD idea!” That’s when the second wonderful thing happened. VALIDATION. If these men (they were all men) knew JUST what the tool was meant to do and  THEY thought it made sense and was a good idea, then SURELY women would think the same. Those conversations fortified me and sometimes it takes just a small thing (a kind word, a whispered pep talk) to keep you moving and on the right track. One fateful day, I happened to call a place near Philadelphia. Their website stated that they made prototypes. Ok, great, here’s where we need to be. Ray answered the phone and listened to what I needed. He started to ask those questions about Auto-Cad drawings and working with a design professional. Here’s where I didn’t have good answers. I basically said, “Tell me what I need to do, Ray.” Ray stated that he worked with a gentleman near him, who specialized in product design and ensuring that the parts and pieces worked and fit together well before attempting to produce a prototype. I thanked him profusely and made one more call. It would essentially be the last one I’d have to make to get this thing made. Next time, I’ll give you the nitty gritty on the steps to getting that precious prototype in our hands.

11-7-2012- I titled this post “Time, Time, Time” because a lot of this process can feel like a race against the clock. A race to gather money. A race to call the right person to do the best job. A race to beat the competitors. Right now, I am in full race mode. As you know the launch is 12/22/12 and I can’t tell you a lie, I’m stressed. I’m anxious. I’m nervous. I’m not sleeping well. My worries run the gamut from silly to serious. Will we have enough food for the guests at the launch (trust me, that’s not a silly one, that’s serious:)). Will they love the product after I did my VERY best to think of everything every woman would like? Will it snow that day and prevent folks from coming? Will I find a dress that makes me look polished and lovely? Will the wands come on time and look beautiful and have people oohing and ahhing? Will the word spread well so that people order one for themselves and their mama? Will there be enough money to market this to the masses? I desperately want to give people a TOP NOTCH product and a value for their money. Honestly, that’s the impetus for this WHOLE thing…saving people money. Stopping the frustration of  throwing away something that still has product inside. My mind is racing and my deadlines are looming.

This is my “baby” and you have to like it. You just have to.