Hi Friends-

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been racing around, working hard to get this product (and its packaging) just where I envisioned it. There have been multiple prototypes produced and multiple samples made. They have been sent from the manufacturer to me, then to the best friend/business partner in Atlanta, for her review and also to the product designer and the logo designer. Opinions have flown like crazy over the internet and FINALLY, we’ve landed at a VERY happy place after sending the manufacturers back to the drawing board many, many times). The “wand” is beautiful (spoken just like a proud Mama) and the packaging is sassy, clean and chic.

So….I was beyond ecstatic to say today…WE ARE READY TO GO TO PRODUCTION. After a lot of sweat and actual tears, we’ve made it to a BIG first step. A product we can show off proudly, with our heads held high. I couldn’t be happier.

In addition to this, I showed the launch venue to my dear friend and co-host for the launch and I am happy to report that she LOVED it and ideas are swirling for a fabulous event. Now that the weight of getting to production has lifted, I have space on my shoulders for the new task of planning the event…which will occur in 43 days to be exact.

Time to get cracking!!!! More flash backs coming in the next post. Right now I’m too busy Happy Dancing, picturing my pretty little wands rolling down the assembly line.

This is a spot on picture of me right now. 🙂