2011– When we last chatted about how this all got started we were at the point where I’d FINALLY found the person that would ultimately get this thing made. It’s interesting how you can get through a good portion of your life and not know that entire industries exist. I guess I suspected something had to happen behind the scenes to get the mechanics of a product worked out but I never gave it any thought. So, when I called Vince, after Ray, the prototype guy, stressed that I needed someone like him, I didn’t really know what I was asking him to do. I called Vince, explained the problem and the fact that I’d invented something to come up with a solution. He seemed to understand my product’s purpose immediately (Thank Goodness) and told me that he would draw up a proposal to outline what he’d do for us. After sending him the non-disclosure form, we were ready to get crackin’. I called the best friend and told her excitedly, “WE FOUND THE GUY!” Vince’s proposal came back and he had fully outlined his plan of action, the phases of the project and what he hoped to achieve at the end of his work with us. This connection with Vince gave me one of the most meaningful lessons I learned through this journey. I promise you, this is a valuable nugget of advice, even if it seems like common sense….Pay People For What They Do. A simple statement but I promise you, it’s a life-changing statement. Do we all have the capacity to learn different aspects of this endeavor? No doubt about it and I’m telling you, I learn something new EVERY DAY. But, there are certain things that you don’t have the time, patience or capacity to learn. Your life will be SO much better, smoother and easier if you PAY PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY DO. It’s why you wouldn’t be your own attorney or doctor. I value and revere experts in their fields and I have learned that you will reach your goals a LOT faster when you let the experts do their thing. We paid our $1000 down payment and got started. I’ll stop here with the flashback because I have plenty to tell you about this part of the project.

11-14-2012–Less than 40 days until the big launch and there’s so much to do. You may or may not know but The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is near and dear to my heart. My mother died of Leukemia when I was 10 and the best friend and I would love to donate a portion of the proceeds from the launch to the Society. So, I called them this morning to share that I had a product launch coming up and I’d like to put the Society on the invite, press release, and advertisements about the launch and asked if they could give me a little something to give the guests. They happily agreed. So, we’re planning to offer VIP tickets to the launch and I promise they’ll be worth it. For a fair and friendly price, the VIP tickets will get you a gift bag of goodies and a special, private place to help  celebrate the launch, sip, eat, relax (can you say mini-massage?) and have a lovely time knowing you’re supporting a budding entrepreneur and contributing to a worthy cause too. I’d call that a Win Win.

A bit stressed and anxious, but so very excited.