Oh. My. Goodness. 11 days until the BIG Launch! I cannot believe it’s already here, yet it feels like it’s been a long time coming. I know how I feel on the surface: excited, overwhelmed, nervous, busy as hell. But deep down? Wow, there’s just so much that has gone into all of this. Yes, many, many tasks, but even more emotions. The surprise that I, yes, Nicole Lisa Narvaez Manns, could be and was actually creative for once. There were never any signs of creativity before this. Just ask my kids when they asked for help on school projects. So, surprise might have been the first emotion. Then, as one might imagine, this process takes perseverance and dedication because it’s very easy to give up. VERY EASY. The mixture of not knowing what in the world to do next. How to come up with the THOUSANDS of dollars that it takes to keep it moving and how to find the time to do everything that needs to be done. Oh yeah, giving up seems like the only option at certain times. BUT, then the dream keeps nagging at you. It keeps calling your name and you say to yourself, “Self 🙂 you wouldn’t have had this idea if you weren’t supposed to do something with it.” I have given myself that speech many times.

So now, here I am, excitedly finalizing the menu, collecting VIP ticket payments, working on the music, meeting with a photographer and videographer, talking with our marketing specialist/webmaster to make sure the website is done and ready to take orders, checking in with the manufacturer to make sure the wands are on track for shipping, meeting with my formal and informal business consultants, preparing to throw the best doggone Launch party you’ve ever seen!

No flashbacks today. Just want to enjoy this moment….I’m close to sharing my dream with the world and that needs all of my attention right now.

Thanks for reading.