Hi!!!! Can you feel the enthusiasm in that “Hi!!!!”?  I’ve been wanting to do a new post to fill you in on everything and thankfully I finally have a break in the all of the chaos so here I am. There are loads of things going on that I want to share. First off, the launch is in FIVE DAYS! I can’t believe it! It’s almost here and you know that feeling where you’re pretty sure you have about 1000 more things to do before the day comes? Well, I can’t shake that feeling even though I keep checking things off of my to-do list. Bottom line though is that I’m excited and eager to see everyone that says they’re coming. That is really going to be the highlight of the event; sharing such a big day with old and new friends.

Yesterday, 12/16/12, at noon, www.nikkismagicwand.com went live and the switch was flipped to accept pre-orders of the Wand. That was such a big milestone and honestly, it still feels surreal. I thought of something and now people are putting that something into their online shopping carts and checking out. It’s absolutely amazing! I am so thankful to everyone who placed an order and want to send a special hello to Lucy P., who was the very first purchaser of the Wand. One of her dollars will have to make it into a frame.

I got an e-mail this morning from the manufacturer, with shipping information and the Wands should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow. I cannot wait to crack open that box and gaze upon their beauty.

I got a call today from a local paper and they said that they are featuring the Nikki’s Magic Wand Launch in their Style section tomorrow and they also said that I could keep in touch with them when I’m planning additional fashion/style related events. That call made me whole day!

I was already pretty addicted to my smart phone and now that phone tells me when someone’s placed an order so I’m even MORE in love with that thing.

This is an indescribable time in my life and I really have no more words for how excited I am right now.

Thanks so much for reading,