It’s been about 26 hours since the Nikki’s Magic Wand Official Launch Party and I find myself continuing to float on a cloud of “Oh my goodness I can’t believe it went so well, everyone had a great time and we got Nikki’s Magic Wand out there!” From the first moment, it felt right. The best friend/business partner, cousin and I went over earlier in the day and set everything up so we wouldn’t feel rushed and that worked out very well. The venue, Le Maison Du Paix, was decorated for the holidays so it was gorgeous and festive. This was THE place for us. There were no other options. The guests started coming, were checked in by my favorite 15 year old (my daughter) and led to the VIP section, if they chose that option. From the first guest, I felt the electricity. I felt the excitement from everyone, happy to be celebrating one of the biggest days in my life and I have to tell you, it’s a feeling like no other. It’s like dozens of people showing up to your hospital room to see the new baby and they’re excited and cheering and drinking wine. 🙂

The best friend/business partner and I had a list of things that we wanted to accomplish:

1. Get wands in most guests’ hands.
2. Create a comfortable and fun environment that everyone would enjoy.
3. Make sure the food and wine lasted all night.
4. Create a little excitement with give-aways.
5. Collect money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
6. Get our lovely guests talking and spreading the word about the Wand.
7. Make sure everyone knew how much we appreciated their support and love.

I have to say, we reached EVERY single goal.

Since the party, Facebook has been buzzing with pictures and forwards about the party and the sharing of the link. Never have I been SO excited to see a new notification from Facebook across the top of my android. 🙂

Want to see a picture of me and the best friend/business partner at the Launch?

We’ve been talking chatting about it non-stop but now we’re ready to keep the momentum going.

Stay tuned…SO much more to come!

Thanks for reading!