Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you’re having a relaxing time. I just returned from a fab time in Orlando, FL with the husband, celebrating our 10th anniversary. I was able to unwind AND conduct Nikki’s Magic Wand biz…best of both worlds. When we last chatted, I had just returned from the Michigan Launch and we had gotten news that we had a new Magic Money Maker (MMM), in MEXICO, no less. Well, we have since added another MMM in Orlando, FL. She has chosen to invest in NMW and herself by getting in at a low wholesale price and then selling Wands at a desirable retail price. It’s a Win Win for her and she will make 100% back on her investment. Now that’s awesome! You will be hearing more about the Magic Money Maker program soon, so stay tuned!

On May 20th, we had an addition to our team. Sean G. joined us as an intern and he’s a gem! He’s totally invested in NMW and has been rolling along. He starts his second week tomorrow and we have LOADS for him to do. We are excited and honored to work with such a bright dude. 🙂

I just got off the plane today, so this won’t be a long one but I do want to flash you back quickly. Last we chatted about the past, we were in “Prototype Land.” So, here was the goal; we needed to figure out the right formula to do the following things: have the stick be flexible but not too “bendy”, have the tip sturdy enough to swipe the tubes clean but still be soft enough to apply directly to your face. We wanted the cap to fit snugly and we needed the logo to line up correctly. The liaison for the factory sent various tip weights so that we could choose which was best. Tip weight #110 was way too stiff to swipe well and didn’t feel good on the face. Tip weight #65 was ok, but still not quite flexible enough. After many discussions and e-mails, it was determined that a Tip weight of #30-#35 was just right. I know you don’t necessarily care about this detail but I wanted to share this because I promise you, I had ZERO knowledge about this previously and now look at me, spouting off Tip weight #s! 🙂 Just trying to illustrate that we all have the capacity to learn things we never thought we would. Outside of the functionality, we had a very clear vision on what we wanted the Wand to look like. We wanted the exterior to be a high gloss black, with a gold logo. Let me tell you, there are SO many gold options out there! So many more than you would think! The final version of the Wand was being sent and we were READY to see it. I have to stop here and tell you about a crazy thing that happened. Well, long, sad, frustrating story short, the Wands ended up in Wisconsin and instead of the Wands, I received a decorative oar. Yes, an oar. I lost precious manufacturing time crying and screaming on the phone trying to get the Wands from Wisconsin while everyone was acting as if they didn’t quite know what I was talking about. Well, they finally arrived, with a bronze (NOT gold) logo with a gap in the middle of the logo. I had been wrestling with all of these decisions and delays of choosing the right version and the official Launch was looming so I was weary and ready to just go forward with that but the best friend/business partner said, “Wait, this is not what we planned. We wanted gold, not bronze and we wanted the logo to come completely together when the cap is on. We have to go back to the drawing board.” I gritted my teeth, postponed the Launch party again and we did just that. I have to share that taking our time and getting it JUST like we wanted was the BEST thing we could have done. I am very proud to pull my “baby” out of its perfectly designed box (thanks Julie) and show the world. We’re getting closer and closer to when this Blog started and I hope you’ve been enjoying the journey with me.

I’m going to stop here.
As always, thanks so much for taking the time to read. You’re awesome!