You know how this blog is called “A 9 to 5 chick takes over the world,” well I should change that to “A 7 to 7 chick takes over the world.” Work has been, wow, I have no words for it but that’s not what this is about. It’s about the Nikki’s Magic Wand journey and boy do I have some things to tell you!

First off, I am a TV star ya’ll!!!! Well, ok, not really a star but I did do a segment on a local tv show and I must say, ya girl was quite comfortable and felt good because I really feel I said everything I needed to say. AND my granny said I looked pretty and professional so that’s all that matters. 🙂

Second, GUESS WHAT???!!! Our fab intern took it upon himself to submit us to QVC’s Sprout program and do you know they LOVE the Wand (their words, not mine). So, we have a chance to be placed on, have people vote for us and then secure a purchase order from QVC!!!!!!!!! So you KNOW you have to vote, right? I’ll let you know when.

Third, the “Magic Money Maker” program had a GREAT week last week. You remember what that is, right? You buy Wands from me at the low wholesale price and then sell them at the retail price so you earn back 100% on your investment. Shout out and thank you to Tanisha B. (our FIRST MMM), a lovely rep in Mexico, Chanel S., Esther C., Jackie W., Nicole W., and Alex M. We are REALLY pushing the program and our Magic Money Makers will be getting special incentives and promos so if you want to be one, (you know you do) contact me at or Inbox me on the Nikki’s Magic Wand page on Facebook.

Fourth, Nikki’s Magic Wand is a “Chic” sponsor for Style Week in Pittsburgh in August. It’s the inaugural year so we are a presenting sponsor and very excited to participate in this fab event and spread the word.

FINALLY, GUESS WHAT?????? Nikki’s Magic Wand will be at NY FASHION WEEK in one of the celebrity gifting suites!!!!! YES! We will be hobnobbing with some celebs, telling them about NMW and snapping pictures with them to share with you and the world! So very excited about that!

Well, I am pretty whipped but I HAD to come tell you everything that’s happened since we last chatted.

Oh, one last thing, the super sweet Tori did a lovely review of the Wand since we last met.

Here’s the link:

As always, thanks SO much for reading,