Hello! What a CRAZY, EXCITING time for Nikki’s Magic Wand! I have some updates for you since my last post. I had mentioned that we were waiting to hear from QVC. Well, since we last chatted, we got word that we were being placed in their Sprouts competition with two other products where the product with the most votes secures a purchase order form QVC and can sell on their website and possibly on the air. We had to submit pictures, a write up about the product and inventor, a video and a sample. The submission was thoroughly evaluated and vetted and we got word that the competition/voting would begin at 12 am 8/31. As soon as I knew, I let EVERYONE know and once again, my support system has stepped up in a BIG way. High school and college friends, co-workers, new friends and old friends have been posting the link on their Facebook pages. The word is spreading and I am beyond thankful. The voting runs until 9/13/2013 so if you haven’t voted, please do at www.qvc.com/qvcsprouts and tell your mom, mailman and hairdresser to vote too! 🙂

In equally exciting, amazing news, Nikki’s Magic Wand will debut at New York Fashion Week in FOUR short days! I am experiencing so many emotions. Angst, excitement, amazement and panic, consumed with making sure that I am fully prepared. There will be stunningly, gorgeous people from all over the world and I want to make sure that Nikki’s Magic Wand and I put our best feet forward. The beautiful thing is I believe in NMW 100%. I have never doubted my “baby’s” effectiveness, usefulness, purpose. I honestly believe that if we can get this cosmetic tool in the RIGHT hands then it will TAKE OFF. My dream (one of many) is for Nikki’s Magic Wand to become a household name like Kleenex or Xerox. I want people to say, “You need to ‘Wand’ that tube if you want to get it all out!”

Each step of this journey has been an adventure and this time in the business’ life is no different. I am going to document each step of NY Fashion Week, from flying out of Pittsburgh to flying back to Pittsburgh. I want to take each one of you with me because you’ve really been with me the entire time.

Stay tuned for updates and pictures from Fashion Week as well as the result of the QVC Sprouts contest.

As always, thank you SO much for reading!