Hi! How are ya? I haven’t chatted with you for a few weeks so I wanted to check in with ya and bring you up to date with all things NMW. As you know, we returned from NY Fashion Week on 9/8/2013, completely energized and excited about our next step. We had met so many amazing people and spread our brand far and wide. We were ready to keep moving!

Before we had left for NY, on 8/31, at midnight, voting began on QVC.com for their Sprouts program and we were one of the products for which the public could vote. This program gives up and coming companies the chance to compete with other such companies and the world gets to vote on which product they’d like to see featured on QVC. The voting was to run until 9/13 and we had been encouraging everyone we knew to vote, vote, vote because, if we won, we’d secure a purchase order from QVC and who doesn’t want THAT? 🙂

So, it’s 9/13 and I am participating in a fundraising event at my 9 to 5 but I check my phone and there is an e-mail informing us that we came in as runners-up in the competition. We were a bit bummed but, hey, Jennifer Hudson didn’t win Idol and look at her! So, we pulled ourselves together and kept moving. A little later on the same day, the best friend/business partner calls me and says these words, “Nikki, we won!” Huh? She begins to inform me that there was a correction e-mail sent and we did indeed win the competition. OMG!!!!!!! We were OVER the moon! After having just returned from a successful trip to NY, we won the QVC contest and would now be able to sell on QVC. Wow wow wow.

After having a packing party (thank you to my packing team) I shipped off 250 units of NMW 3 packs and they began selling on QVC. As of this writing, we are not only almost 1/2 way sold through, but we also have ALL 5 star reviews on QVC.com. We remain 5 star chicks! 🙂 (We have all 5stars on Amazon.com). 🙂

In addition to all of that excitement, the newspaper articles, reviews and blog posts that have been coming out since early September have been absolutely amazing! I have been invited to speak at a few events (which I LOVE). I was invited to be a guest on “Our Region’s Business” with Bill Flanigan, on WPXI and just this past Monday, I was honored to be featured on Ola Jackson’s blog radio show, to discuss being an inventor and entrepreneur. Check it out…www.blogtalkradio.com/onyxwoman/2013/10/14/making-it-in-the-beauty-biz.

Wait, there’s more! 🙂 While in the gifting suite in NY, we met a woman named Margot Black who happens to be a Publicist and we decided to hire her to get our brand out there even more. Fingers crossed she can secure some glossy magazines and tv spots. She says we’d make THE PERFECT feature for last minute stocking stuffer items. Let me tell you, if I see Nikki’s Magic Wand on a table, being featured on the Today show, I’m going to fall right over!

I can’t mention all of this without also mentioning how absolutely stunned and thankful I am for all of it. I don’t take any of it for granted. The fact that an idea I had….me, Nikki from West Oak Lane in Philadelphia, PA is now a product which people far and wide are not only using but enjoying….I’m just amazed, proud and oh so thankful.

As always, thank you for coming along for the ride.