Hey ya’ll! What’s been happening? The NMW crew has been plugging away and actually, we sat down and had a strategy session to plan out the rest of 2014. You know how sometimes you have to take a step back to take a bunch of steps forward? We have the PR firm working but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be on our grind as well. Here are some of the things we discussed:

1. We MUST hunt down the buyers for the large retail establishments where we’d like to be sold.

2. We will try to get to them ourselves but if we can’t make headway, we are looking into hiring a broker to do it for us.

3. We want to finally use our Constant Contact account properly and reach out to fab customers and friends of NMW.

4. We want to go back to the Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence and have some more brainstorming sessions with them.

5. We want to investigate being sold in online catalogs.

6. We want to investigate being sold on additional websites.

7. We will research Beauty trade shows to see which are the best fit for us.

I have some rather exciting news! Last week, I traveled to the DC/MD area to meet with a local Mary Kay team. One of the consultants had been introduced to the Wand and told her fellow consultants. They LOVED the Wand and almost bought all of the Wands that I’d brought with me. The ladies were very kind I was introduced to the products and the opportunity. Now, I have never sold anything; not make-up, jewelry or kitchen items. I never felt that was “my thing” but I tell you, more and more I am surprised by what has turned out to be “my thing.”  The real deal is that I see this venture as partnering with a worldwide cosmetic company to facilitate and enhance the growth of the Wand, while also adding another income stream. Evidently, I have decided that sleep is overrated because this makes THREE jobs now (and we aren’t even counting that whole wife and mother thing). 🙂 I am a little tired just thinking about it but when I consider the possibilities of what I can provide for my children, the legacy of hard work and hopefully true wealth, then I’m ALL IN!

So, ya know, if you need some Mary Kay, Wands, or advice on Affirmative Action/ EEO regulations you know where to find me. 🙂

As always, thanks a million for reading. You guys are the very best,