Never before has this much time passed between posts. I strive to always be completely upfront with you so here’s the deal…I was busy. 🙂 No, no, quite frankly, the lag in time comes down to a few things. The two big ones are inspiration and motivation, or lack thereof. I want to talk about slumps today and I hope my candor will help someone. As you know, just based on the title of my blog, I am a 9 to 5 chick. Have been for 20 years. It’s all I know. Sometimes I work very hard and sometimes I do not but you know what? The 15th and 30th,  they see fit to direct deposit my cash and I’m so very thankful. Well what I am learning, as you seasoned biz owners know, is that momentum in business requires CONSTANT attention. Constant posts, constant ads, constant spreading the word, etc. I think, since we’d been working with a PR firm that we decided to let them handle things and sort of step back. MISTAKE. It lulled the biz partner and I into a sense of security and if I’m being real, laziness, that we both recognized and due to personal issues, could not shake for a minute. So, as they say, “Step ONE is realizing you have a problem.” We’ve done that and are now all fired up again! We had been checking in with each other during this down time and following certain leads but now we are moving full force ahead. We’ve invested FAR too much time and money to not see this thing through. I have never wavered from the fact that EVERY home (and cosmetic bag) should have a Nikki’s Magic Wand in it and if the makers of Silly Bandz can be millionaires, we damn well should be able to be successful!

So, in the vein of being fired up and ready to take over the world, AGAIN, we are offering FREE shipping on any number of Wands you buy on and also Buy One Get One on the website:

Finally, while I’m sure you adore me 🙂 you don’t need to hear from me all the time. We’d LOVE to have you be a guest blogger on our website, provided you are in the fashion, beauty, small biz, money raising (JoAnn Forrester :)) arenas. Seriously, we want to feature you on our website.

Email me at so we can get you rolling and blogging.

As always, I thank you for reading..