Have you ever found yourself in what could be called a slump? You just feel completely unmotivated and nothing is more attractive than your covers, the remote and the ever satisfying Law and Order SVU marathon. While vegetating you KNOW you should be doing something… making contacts, blogging, posting something on Twitter, but no, “Olivia” and “Elliot” are going to find out who kidnapped that girl and you have to know who did it! Oh, that’s just me? Ok.

Just in case it’s not just me, I have a few tips for ya that I use to drag my booty out of the bed and  downstairs into the Magic office so that I can be further along in my life and business. After all, “Stabler” and “Benson” are not going to sell any Wands for me–although that would be BEYOND awesome if they did. Yes, I’m a little obsessed with the show. Don’t judge me.

Anyhoo, on to the tips.

1. Make a tried and true “to-do” list. Put some super easy stuff on there, along with the hard tasks. Crossing off the super easy stuff will make you feel like you’re getting things done and it will give you a bit of a boost. Quick funny: I actually put “Consider exercising” on my to-do list. LOL!

2. Print out a calendar and enter something for every day of the month that you’re going to do something for the business. And then… DO IT.

3. Get yourself an accountability partner. Each Thursday night, I chat with some biz friends over the phone for about an hour about what I’ve done since we last met and what I plan to do until we meet again. Boy, knowing I have to have something to report makes me hustle.

4. Sometimes we’re immobile because it feels like we have too much to get done. Break it into small chunks and tackle a little at a time. You know that whole Rome wasn’t built in a day, blah blah. And one of my faves from Corporate America, don’t try to “boil the ocean.” That one cracks me up every time.

5. Lastly and this may seem counterproductive to what I was just telling you but give yourself a break too. Don’t fly so fast that you burn yourself out. Heavens knows NO ONE likes a massage and a cup of peppermint tea more than I do and I’m gonna have them but I have decided that I must first EARN them.

We ALL want to be further along than we were this time last year so we have to get up, get out and get something!  There’s money to be made and dreams and goals to reach! Let’s GO!

As always, thanks for reading!