Hey, it’s been too long since we chatted and boy do I have some stuff to share! So, the biz partner and I felt that 2014 moved at too slow a pace for our comfort level and vowed that 2015 would be different. We kicked off the year setting goals and feeling quite fired up. It’s amazing when you set your mind to something, you really can make your actions follow suit.

So, one day in the Magic office, I was sitting and “thinking of a master plan” (shout out to Eric B. and Rakim!) and it occurred to me that we should finally do something we talked about doing before the Wand was even a “thing.” See, we needed a boost, a change to make 2015 truly different from years passed. So, I called the biz partner and said, “It’s time.” “Time for what, Nikki?”she asked. “It’s time to launch this lipgloss line!” Since we hadn’t talked about it in awhile, she was taken aback for a moment but then, as is always the case with us, she quickly started strategizing with me and we set about making it happen. After discovering just the right make-up, labels and packaging, all that was left to do was unveil the new addition to the Nikki’s Magic Wand family. Weeks before the big reveal, I started to do teaser posts to get potential consumers’ interest peaked. I was SO proud of myself during this time because I have mentioned time and time again how marketing is quite foreign to me but this plan to build excitement felt instinctual and that felt good. Like I had finally become a real, live biz chick! 🙂

Well, as we all know, timing is everything and I just happened to be an invited guest on the Vitamin C podcast the SAME DAY that the make-up arrived on my doorstep, as well as finishing up adding the new offerings to the website. I was READY to tell the listening audience the big news. I am thrilled to share that it was well received and orders began to pour in that night.

We chose to add liquid eyeshadows to the line because you can use your Wand with them and the colors are stunning! The glosses contain the ever popular Argan oil and antioxidants too. The gloss is smooth and lush and the eye shadow lasts for 8 hours with no fading or creasing.

Here are a few comments:

“I want to let you know that the lip gloss is amazing! The color is perfect. It is smooth and moisturizing. Simply Perfect!”

“My new ‘Firebrick’ Luxury Lip gloss from Nikki’s Magic Wand’s new makeup line arrived today!!! It glides on smooth and my lips feel super soft, NOT sticky, like some other brands. The color is true to shade as shown on the website.”

You know I am LOVING that they are LOVING their new gloss. It makes me extra happy because love of lipgloss is what started this entire company so to have our own makes me giddy.

Well, this has gotten long so I’ll run.

As always, thanks for reading and go to www.nikkismagicwand.com to check out our new stuff!