I recently visited QVC to get some on air training for Nikki’s Magic Wand’s upcoming television debut. I was able to see firsthand what goes on behind the scenes when preparing a brand for their on camera presence. While I was there I learned some invaluable tools that will continue to help me as an entrepreneur and business owner and I wanted to share them with you.

 Here’s my “Top 10 Tools Every Business Person Should Have and Use”:

1.  Smile Big and Bright

2.  Dress the Part
3.  Prepare, Prepare and Prepare
4.  Have your Elevator Pitch……It Must Be Tight
5.  Don’t Talk Over the Other Person
6.  Make Eye Contact
7.  Be Gracious at All Times
8.  Focus On Three Selling Points
9.  Network and Make Connections
10. Never, Ever, Ever Give Up
Smile Big and Bright: People should be able to see your excitement and enthusiasm. Show them that you’re glad to be there.
Dress the Part: Wear professional yet comfortable attire. When people are meeting you for the first time or the twelfth time, make sure that your clothes represent your brand. 
Prepare, Prepare and Prepare: Being ready is an understatement. You may not get a second chance at an opportunity, so make sure you’re ready to seize that moment by being prepared and ready to deliver your elevator pitch and information about your product, brand or service.
Have Your Elevator Pitch Ready: Your elevator pitch is seriously one of the single most important items to have ready at any given moment. An elevator pitch is a brief, prepared statement that defines a product, service or outlines the value of an organization or an individual in as little as 15 seconds. The length of a typical elevator ride. 
Don’t Talk Over the Other Person: Being able to listen and respond is all about timing. When you’re in an environment where you share the spotlight, listening to the other person and maintaining good eye contact is key to the success of your timely follow up and hopefully a good conversation.
Make Eye Contact: Having good eye contact is good because it shows the person that you’re speaking with that you’re engaged and committed to the conversation. 
Be Gracious at All Times: To be gracious, is to be courteous, kind and pleasant. This one act will carry you very far when networking and meeting other business professionals.
Focus on Three Selling Points: When you have three selling points it makes it easier for the consumer to identify and apply those solutions/ key points to their lives and thus turning into a sale.
Network and Make Connections: In just about every place or situation you will meet new people and new people equal new contacts and that means new connections. Always carry updated business cards and remember to smile and know your elevator pitch.
Never…..Ever……Ever Give Up: Regardless of where you are in your journey and the odds that you seem to face, remember to keep moving forward and never……ever…..ever give up. You may be closer to the finish line than you think.
We’ll keep you posted on our official QVC air date!