As I was preparing to attend my daughter’s graduation last weekend, I was filled with so many emotions. I mean let’s face it…….your child will only graduate from high school once. I was excited, elated, nervous and maybe a little sad. My daughter, along with so many other graduates was about to embark on a major journey……..a journey into the unknown and that made me nervous. 

I looked at old baby pictures and reminisced about days gone by when she relied on and needed me for so much……..and that made me quite reflective …..because my role for her was changing and morphing into something more mature and refined.
I challenged myself to see all of the good and wonderful things that lay ahead for my baby girl…….the fact that she has dreams and a vision for her future made me excited. She was actually looking forward to this “unknown and uncharted” territory that she was about to travel. I wanted her to live each day to the fullest.
I was elated that despite the many obstacles that lay upon her path, she consistently triumphed over those very things that were meant to hold her back. She was becoming a woman and I was proud of the adult that she had become…….she would be graduating as a member of the National Honors Society and attending college in the fall.

I thought about all of the sacrifices that I had made in order to provide my children a better life and that reflection brought about an astounding revelation……she would have to make her own journey…….a journey with sacrifices and mistakes…….a journey with crazy twists and turns, but always, hopefully leading her along the path of joy and happiness…….the path of her dreams and visions that would eventually come true. I wanted to encourage her to not just dream; but to chase her dreams down……you know, make them happen.
As I looked in the mirror, I saw the younger version of myself and I wanted to tell her so many things to do differently but instead I smiled and accepted that all of my past moments, both good and bad have prepared me for the woman that I am today. A woman who is living an amazing life and making my dreams come true. I was no longer scared or nervous for my daughter…….only excited, elated and now overjoyed at this most amazing person she has become, who will do some pretty spectacular things.
Today, as I prepared for my television debut on QVC, I couldn’t help but think of my daughter…..a young lady who has inspired me in more ways than she may ever know……a woman who is already walking in her destiny, working towards her dreams. I wanted her to be proud of me knowing that today, I chased down a dream…….and tomorrow…..I’ll chase down another one.
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