I have carried two children.  Carrying my daughter was a joy,  easy. I was in awe as my belly grew and I felt her move and stretch. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and looked so forward to seeing her little face on “Labor” day. She was clearly quite comfy where she was because no matter what we did,  she didn’t want to arrive. The pregnancy had been seamless but the delivery…. not so much.  Yet, at the end of it all, my princess emerged, bright eyed and calm.
Fast forward 8 years. I was carrying my son and 10 weeks in,  I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I had to go on medication to manage it. I was tired and achy the whole time and it was one of the hottest summers on record. I was mean and miserable. I couldn’t wait to see him AND be done being pregnant. I was a little sad because I enjoyed every moment carrying my daughter and wanted to feel the same with him. But on his “labor” day, they went in and got him and here he was,  pure perfection.
What are you carrying? What do you need to give birth to?  It’s easy to forget to enjoy the process because we’re so focused on the end. Every step of the way is important, valuable, educational. I sometimes forget that I had to be patient along the way while “carrying” Nikki’s Magic Wand. I watch Shark Tank sometimes and see that they’ve gone to market in mere months when it took me years. BUT, everyone’s “labor” is different.
I sometimes call my daughter “27 hours” because that’s how long I struggled to get her out of my body and on her own.
Remember, our journies are different.  Our experiences are different.  Our resources are different.  However, if we all do the work…the labor,  we’ll get to the same place and we’ll be smiling,  showing the world our new baby.
Enjoy your day.  You deserve it!