Have you ever felt like you had something to get off of your chest but you didn’t really know what it was? It’s that nagging feeling that something is weighing you down and trying to creep up and steal your joy but you can’t quite name it.

I have a whole lot going on, but so does everyone else so I’m not sure that’s it.

I think I might feel like I’m having trouble managing my life right now. My weight is not where I want it to be and my motivation has seemed to fall into the same black hole that my metabolism crawled into. My children are good but not quite where I’d like them to be on the happiness scale.

I want to take a vacation but time, nor money, allows that right now.

I’m feeling homesick and that’s a fairly new feeling for me. I think I need my batteries recharged and Philly usually gets that done, with laughs, free food and free drinks (thanks Daddy).

I feel like I’m starting to value different things, as I approach 45 years old. While being SO thankful to be employed, after 22 years of working on the exact same street downtown, it feels a bit like a rut. Sad thing is, I’m not positive that working from home wouldn’t just render me bed-bound and unable to put on actual clothes. I think a laziness would swarm me and I wouldn’t be able to break free.

I get that this is a ramble but I suppose I’m using it as a bit of therapy. Also, because I know I can’t be alone. I can’t be the only one sitting on that bus in the morning, earbuds in, attempting to find the song that will wake you up and start your day since the shower did not.

I’ve also become the roll-over queen. Let me explain. There is nothing more fulfilling than a crossed off to-do list and nothing more annoying than one that is full of things that just “roll-over” to the next day. I look at it and just want to rip it into confetti.

They have said that Seinfeld said that his show was a show about nothing and I suppose that’s what this blog entry is about but I hope you felt less alone if you too are feeling a bit chubby and lazy like I am today. 🙂

Have a great day and as always, thanks for reading!