In my first post, I shared how I had an epiphany. I would change the world by inventing a product which would stop me from banging my head on the wall when my TWO week old lipgloss’ applicator could no longer reach any of the leftover makeup.

 (12/2009-1/2010)So…what you learn quickly is that when you have an idea for a new product the next step to take is not obvious. However, even though we weren’t sure what in the world to do next we decided we had to consult the most valuable, all knowing consultant alive…the Internet. The best friend and I thought we’d struck gold by finding a place that would possibly take us on completely. Fully fund and support the project by finding manufacturers, help with the patent and all of the other stuff we literally knew NOTHING about…AND they’d cut us a check, once the thing started making some money, to the tune of about 70% of profit. Sounded like a dream set-up to us. We submitted our crude drawing and our $199 and waited, while holding our collective breaths for five weeks while they did the evaluation.

The report came back, finally, and we read every word with rapt attention. They seemed to love it. It was safe, would sell well, wouldn’t require much to get going, had no real competition, a true winner. BUT…we scored just a few points shy of the “We will fully fund you” level. Disappointed? Yep, absolutely. Especially since we hadn’t really thought of what we’d do if they didn’t take us. We spent about three months trying to get motivated to come up with Plan B. What we knew for sure was that we had to get this thing patented. You know where we went to find a Patent Attorney right? YES! The Internet! Ok, Facebook to be exact, “Which one of ya’ll is a Patent Attorney?” Ding! Ding! Ding! someone said, “I AM!”

I said in my introductory post that one of the things that I wanted to do with this blog was to share my journey and by doing so I hope to help anyone in cyberland if they are trying to do the same. I’ve had some angels save me time and money along the way and I hope to do the same.

I’m going to try to write this blog like a suspenseful movie, where you get glimpses of the serial killer’s childhood and then they switch scenes to show you what the full grown killer’s up to these days. LOL!

So, it’s 10/23/2012, 8:06 pm and I have just postponed the launch again to do more tweaks to my “baby”. There’s so much to do, think about, get right. Just waiting on the final, final, final samples to approve and then I get to say, “Please run that minimum of 5000 units so I can introduce them to the world!”

Stay tuned, the Take Over is in full effect! 🙂